Having a Star Wars Baby

As news was released today of the arrival of Everest Hobson Lucas, the brand new baby girl, and first biological child of George Lucas and wife Melody Hobson, I have to admit, I feel a little jealous of both the baby and the parents.

Sometime in mid to late October, I’ll give birth to our son Luke. He’s a Star Wars baby through and through. My  husband and I have both been enthusiasts our whole lives, and even initially became friends through a Star Wars forum in late 2003. This is our second try at a baby, after we lost our daughter last May, just days after she was due to be born. This kid means the world to us, so why wouldn’t we want to help him on his way to being the best Star Wars baby of all time?

 It started long before we had a name picked out, or even knew the sex, but we were certain he would be a Star Wars baby. His sister after all, was named Hannah Solo after a certain rogue smuggler. We bought this awesome talking plush Chewbacca back when I was pregnant with our daughter. From Amazon.com

It didn’t stop there. But buying Star Wars toys and stuffed animals and clothes for babies is relatively easy. One need only type “star wars onesie” into Amazon.com or ThinkGeek and find a plethora of new officially licensed baby wear. The catch is that it’s not cheap.  At around 20 bucks a piece, it becomes all too clear how painful it can be to have a stylish Star Wars baby when you think about the fact that they might wear these items for a whole two months, or worse, just destroy them right off the bat.


(Yes, we own both of these from Amazon.com.)

Etsy.com is even worse as it gets flooded with unoriginal, boring or cheaply screen printed pieces, that you just know aren’t going to last or look as cute as they do on the website. We were recently burned by an Etsy seller who sold adorable Star Wars baby things, took payment and then up and closed up shop before anyone received their merchandise. I’ll also never get over people cutting up vintage t-shirts and sheets and essentially hot gluing them to some baby clothes. Seems like a waste to me. 

So if you can buy your kid lots of Star Wars toys, and now outfit them with hand made and licensed merchandise, what else can you do for them?

Well one would think that the easiest place to start would be the nursery. Anyone who’s been a parent or expecting knows that the nursery is one of the first places you start to establish that your kid has style. Even if you don’t have a spare room to make into a nursery, there is still the crib to outfit with bedding, and lots of accessories to buy for baby’s every need. Again, this is not cheap, nor easy.

Remember this image from 2011?

The wampa rug will run you $129.99, the pillow is around $30 from Pottery Barn, the wall mounted lightsaber will cost you $30-$155, and the vintage sheet could be as much as $50. And that’s just one corner of the room. Yikes.

Granted, there are other options to build your own Star Wars nursery, but at first look, it will cost you. A search of “star wars nursery” on Etsy.com yields little more than overpriced wall art, handmade mobiles at $95 a piece, or hand sewn nursery sets that might include 3 or 4 items and run you $300. Come on. Additionally, these bedding sets are usually compiled from the recently released licensed fabrics you can find online or places like JoAnn’s.   


These aren’t the worst Star Wars fabrics I’ve seen over the years, but honestly they’re not that cute either. My favorite is the collection of comic book covers, but I would pass up any of these for a vintage sheet or even one from Pottery Barn. The problem is that these cost only $6-$7 a yard while one twin sized sheet from the vintage line or Pottery Barn might be as much as $50. Seriously people, what is with the prices on these things?


Despite all this, we’re still going forward with making Luke the most Star Wars-y nursery he can possibly have. I’ve purchased a vintage sheet from Ebay that my Mother-in-Law will fashion into a crib sheet, scoured the internet for a couple of cheap but decent looking pillows, bought hand painted Star Wars drawer pulls, mini plushes of Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbaccca and Stormtrooper to attach to a previously owned mobile and am considering a Star Wars lamp shade or R2-D2 planetarium as a splurge. It still won’t be cheap, but once Luke’s room is all together and filled with his many Star Wars toys, stuffed animals, and books, and there should be no doubt, that Luke is the best Star Wars baby around. And also, lucky boy that he is, Luke has lots of grandparents who are into making him Star Wars goodies like that awesome blanket: –>

For more about Luke’s nursery or where I got some items, you can find links and info on Springpad.

Finally, here is Luke in some of his favorite Star Wars outfits, so far:


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