Abrams on Star Wars VII: “We’re working our asses off.” Cumberbatch?

The Benedict Cumberbatch saga rages on:

It is interesting that Abrams is not saying he will not be in the film. But he also used the skills of a lawyer to play it right down the middle. I am starting to think there might be something on the table with this.

And by “working our asses off” we mean jamming in William’s garage

What would it mean for Star Trek though? That could complicate things for that film’s future. It would be rather messed up for Abrams to leave Star Trek and take the bad guy with him, not that I would really mind. I like Cumberbatch. I don’t like that he was just the bad guy in a Star Trek film though.

I do like Abrams is working his ass off too. That’s what we need on this movie!

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