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Star Wars VII in Scotland? No. Iceland? No. New Mexico? Yes, Says This Rumor.

The rumor du jour is filming will take place in New Mexico:

The most “Star Warsy” photo I could find in 2 seconds.

New Mexico will share production duties with Los Angeles and London when filming gets underway in 2014.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this. I’m not exactly floored by the report itself. I tend to not put too much stock in reports that make claims about who is returning when we know those reports are not confirmed and reports that spell Lucasfilm incorrectly. You would think you would spell the company correctly if they’re bringing a lot of money to New Mexico. But then again, if Star Wars were going to New Mexico, the source to break that news might not exactly be up on Star Wars itself, just that the work is coming to the territory.

It does seem to share some characteristics with the places we’ve seen in Iceland and Scotland (especially if you put a filter on the lens). This is as likely and as unlikely as the next place. I’m not discounting it, but I’m not buying into either. I’m skeptical.


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