Anthony Daniels Did Not “Confirm” He Is In Star Wars Episode VII

This article from Yahoo just popped up which has this little ditty:

Audience member: You’re the only actor who did all six movies.

AD: Yeah. I’m the only one who did all six movies.

Audience: And maybe seven?

AD: That was sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. There was a “Clones War” movie, I think, I’m not sure about that. I lose track. Yes, I’m the only actor to be in all seven, because either people died or they got—

[Audience gasps]

AD: Six, whatever!

In a conversation discussing the seven theatrical releases of Lucasfilm releases, he said he was in all seven films. That makes sense. But he also just made a mistake. He did not give anything away either way you slice it.

But really, in an era where we know Han, Luke, and Leia are probably coming back and all but confirmed, is anyone really questioning if Artoo and Threepio are coming back?

You can seriously count on Artoo and Threepio returning.

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