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Jett Lucas Discusses Star Wars Episode VII and the Sequel Trilogy.

Jett Lucas was interviewed by Flicks and the City and he says something interesting things:

Here are the interview notes:

George Lucas set up guidelines which Abrams will follow. So this is probably what the “consultant” credit is really all about. With that in mind, Lucas might actually “consult” on films he has very little knowledge of because his rules and guidelines could be really extensive. But all we know for sure is that Lucas left guidelines for Abrams and Disney.

Jett goes onto say he might work on the film behind the scenes. He knows the story and he likes it. He seems pleased with the concept that the film will follow a whole new generation. Each trilogy follows a new generation while being made for a new generation and that will continue in these new films.

Jett Lucas uses an arbitrary example of Han Solo teaching his son to drive the Falcon if he should be return. The scene is clearly just an example. But it is interesting he mentions Han Solo having a son. Since Jett knows what happens, it seems to indicate that is actually the case here. He was gender specific and seems to extrapolate upon his knowledge of the general story. It might be okay to expect Han Solo’s son to appear in the movie. But remember, he’s using an arbitrary example. He also says he will nerd out if he sees Han, Leia, and Luke wearing their costumes again and returning to the film series.

Another interesting moment from the interview is that Jett says Abrams likes to keep people guessing. He likes to taunt the audience. Abrams loves to tease the audience and keep them on their toes before taking a left turn with things.

He calls most of the rumors “fantastic” in the absurd fashion. The idea of Star Trek actors in Star Wars would bring on the Apocalypse he says.

He also addresses the Ronan rumor and her trying out for a role. He says he likes they are not going mainstream with it (Episode VII), they’re keeping with the conduct regarding casting his father put in place originally. He feels fresh faces are a good philosophy to cast by and that is their plan once again.

It was interesting to see Jett talk about his father. George Lucas was torn on giving up Star Wars, he wanted to let it go but also wanted to hold onto Star Wars. George Lucas is ready to let Star Wars go and let it grow. It was clearly not something that was easy for him to do.

The Lucas family knew about a year before the Disney deal that George Lucas had started writing the sequel trilogy and that he had begun researching for the sequel trilogy and starting his whole “little process.” Half way through the process, the idea of selling to Disney came up.

Jett found out at dinner time one night when George Lucas called him up casually and was like “I started writing.” Jett asked for clarification and he nonchalantly said “Oh, Star Wars” and started to move on. Jett made him back up and explain the shocking news to him.

Many times Jett Lucas compares Star Wars as a child of his father’s. Jett considers Star Wars to be George Lucas’ child and like any child who goes onto college, he will keep a watchful eye on it, even though it isn’t at home anymore, so to speak.

George Lucas is constantly talking with J.J. Abrams. Back when pre-production was starting, there were lots of news stories about how Lucas and Abrams hadn’t spoken yet. It was a pretty silly news story and it appears they are to a place where Abrams and Lucas are collaborating. So while George Lucas is letting Star Wars go, he is there to guide Abrams when he needs assistance.

Jett says the sequel trilogy will have a new of director, as well as a new generation of characters and “everything.”

Abrams is a family friend of the Lucas’. Jett Loves Abrams and he was at Jett’s parents’ wedding. They have known Abrams for many years.

When it comes to fan speculation, some are right, some are wrong, and some are close.

He briefly reminisces about the past and says when he got to lightsaber train with Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen for Episode III in his role as a Padawan and he got really close with Christensen. He got to see Christensen at his father’s wedding, they haven’t seen each other in ten years.

Jett Lucas is working on the television series Chicago Fire.



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