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The Star Wars Casting Call is Officially Official

We heard about the casting call a few days ago for a big Disney picture. It first went out in Europe and then the following day it was opened to the United States via opencastingcall2013.com. The script pages which appeared on the pages for the potential new cast to try out with listed Rachel and Thomas as the two open parts. Those aren’t exactly Star Wars names. So we had to guess they were placeholder names, but we were still stretching to make this a Star Wars casting call.

Shortly afterward, the Star Wars Insider’s Twitter account tweeted about the event, deleted it, and then retweeted it. But the Star Wars Insider is run by Titan. So it was a slight confirmation but not entirely. It could have all been a huge mix up. This was coming on the heels of a European Disney marketing exec letting us know Star Wars Episode VII was coming out in late 2015 by accident. Communication between the various branches associated with Star Wars doesn’t seem to be so strong during this secretive period of production.

The Official Star Wars Facebook Page has now linked to the casting call. Unfortunately, the post is region locked.

Thanksfully Dunc over at Club Jade has taken a screenshot (in the comments section) showing the official Star Wars Facebook page is promoting the casting call. That is confirmation in my book. If this wasn’t a Star Wars film, some Disney film would get inundated with Star Wars fans trying to get a part in a movie not about Star Wars. It would be hilarious, but it would also mean the film would have more applicants than they need, which would mean more work for the production of that film, and it just wouldn’t make any sense. When the Star Wars pages share something, I take it as being Star Wars related unless noted.

This can only be the Star Wars Episode VII casting call: opencastingcall2013.com.



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