Rapping Llama Confirms Star Wars Rebels on Saturday Mornings!

A close friend of mine on Tumblr recently wrote about a Disney XD advertisement that will appeal to all Star Wars fans, “Wow. Disney XD is already advertising for Star Wars Rebels. Apparently it’s going to be on Saturday mornings.”

I had to quickly find out more about this advertisement, so I tuned in to the Disney XD stream online and saw the commercial for myself before locating it in Disney XD’s official YouTube channel. It’s a bit weird, to say the least, mainly because it has a rapping llama in it. Steve the Llama lays out the 2014 lineup for us. In the advert, we see the Ghost up close in action, fending off attacks from TIE Figthers and an Imperial Cruiser. Also, Star Wars Rebels will take place on Saturday mornings:




Thanks again to my dear friend on Tumblr for catching this and writing a post about it, which then caught my attention!

(via TheWookieeGunner)