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A Dopey Boba Fett Spin-off Rumor & Plemons is in Star Wars Episode VII?

Latino Review is at it again. I can’t tell if they put a spin on their “facts” that makes their points sound like idiotic lies or if they’re just that. Today’s update is fairly eye-role inducing. I’m guessing these rumors are brought to us by the same people that said a Falcon was built up at Pinewood Studios when the film hadn’t even moved in there yet.

You know how Star Wars websites often tell you to take things with a grain of salt? Well, if you believe these rumors, how about just throw the salt in your eyes and “rethink your life.”

To counter-act the prequels, the Boba Fett spin-off movie planned for 2018 has an interesting twist pitched by Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan: the spin-off will start with a complete stranger killing Boba Fett and taking his armor, starting a Man-With-No-Name bounty hunter tale. So: someone kills the Boba Fett from the prequels and takes his armor and name. One this is for certain is that Kasdan didn’t like the prequel and wants no Bobba Fett Clone in the spin-off film.

Exactly what would need to be counter-acted? That doesn’t make sense. The only problem with what George Lucas did was he didn’t make Boba Fett white. If you want a white lead for Boba, that’s the only way this makes any sense at all. Boba Fett not being the clone we saw in Attack of the Clones and several seasons of The Clone Wars confuses things immensely. Temuera Morrison voices Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. People who are actually Star Wars fans are aware of this fact. Lucas retains final cut on his films. Unless Lucas allows an alteration to fit into the slap to the face he would be receiving, that makes little sense to me. The voice would need to be redacted. It makes very little sense as to why Boba’s young life would matter that he would be willing to negate a Star Wars film, a Star Wars television series, another Star Wars film (The Empire Strikes Back), and slap Lucas across the face just because Kasdan didn’t like a movie from 2002 that in no way steps on the toes of any potential new story. It just doesn’t add up, does it?

Sounds a lot like a Western and it sounds like it could restore a fan-favorite character that was totally a little boy with thousands of versions of his father running around.

If there is any truth to the Han Solo movie being a real film coming out, I don’t believe this rumor even further. The idea, as expressed by Disney repeatedly was to have the films culminate in an Avengers style film where several things meet up across various platforms. So why work on Young Han Solo and older Boba Fett? Also we know there aren’t thousands of versions of Boba or his father running around. Star Wars fans, not just people that report on Star Wars for clicks know that Stormtroopers are humans shortly after The Clone Wars. I call bogus on the whole thing.

Lastly I was told by 3 sources, reps etc, etc…(so call who ever you want) that Captain American director Joe Johnston is on top of the list to direct the spin-off, which makes sort of sense since he began his career as a concept artist and effects technician on the first Star Wars film.

We’ve been speculating on that for over a year now. Once again, it isn’t big news “conceptually.” Also, you would think someone with the inside scoop would be aware Joe Johnston designed Boba Fett and Slave 1 and worked on all three films (IV-VI). I hope he is at the top of the list. He’s the best there is to do it and no one deserves it more. But once again, it smells like the inside of a tauntaun.

We expect Plemons’ involvement will be announced early on, but the Disney/Star Wars PR Plemons Plan, currently, is to confirm his involvement without naming his part. So we’ll get a confirmation, but not an official confirm that Plemons is playing Ben Skywalker, Luke’s son. Plemons’ character would be the main protagonist of Episode VIII. EIGHT!

This seems possible. He’s rumored and the rumors seem to hold some water. Without an announcement, it is kind of hard to say much about. I’m not sure I’m buying the “Ben Skywalker” bits. But we know so little, I just feel that assuming Ben Skywalker is Luke’s son still is kind of just being presumptuous. But this could also just be predicated on older rumors.


In response to a rumor that Obi-Wan would have some sort of offspring, we’re told that it’s absolutely not true. That being said, the Kenobi family will come into play. Could be niece nephew, no real details on that one. It could be a Force Ghost or a something else, we just know it’s not his daughter or grandkid.

No crap. Also, the whole Obi-1 thing has always annoyed me. You would think Latino Review would know the name sounds like Obi-Juan, not Obi-One. Yeah, I’m just annoyed now, but so what?

We’ve heard that Ardnt was much more into the story of the Solo kids, while JJ felt – and still feels – that this the story of the Skywalker line.

This rumor has been reported before. So what? We can’t verify that. It isn’t even sourced from this report.

Everything Star Wars is LOCKED DOWN like nobody’s business.

This is new? How? Disney bought Lucasfilm and no one knew. Lucasfilm was making Episode VII way before they sold Lucasfilm to Disney and no one knew. Once again, it is kind of a “no shit” situation.



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