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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Darth Maul Arc to Conclude in Comic “Son of Dathormir!”

This is great news and bad news. The good news is we get to know what happened to Maul after Sidious kicked his butt and killed his brother in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season V. The bad news is it isn’t happening on screen, but on the pages of a comic book.

Newsarama just ran a short interview with Jeremy Barlow who is slated to adapt the final scripts of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I might be in the minority here, but I feel The Nightsisters Trilogy, Rise of Darth Maul, and the resulting arch where he conquers Mandalore to be one of the best Star Wars tales ever told on screen. It is nothing short of disappointing to not see it wrapped up on screen. Some will say at least we get to find out what happens. I agree with that and I get that. A part of me always hoped we might see it wrapped up as a Netflix mini-series or something. Sure, that can still happen, but I think with the cat out of the bag, so to speak, the chances of it happening are somewhat diminished.

Never ones to let a good story slip away, Dark Horse and the team at Lucasfilm saw an opportunity to save these teleplays from obsolescence and we’re adapting them into a four-part miniseries called Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.

The worst part is it sounds like the story is going to be pretty badass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to read this comic. I loved Star Wars: The Clone Wars as much as the six films we have so far. I have to know what was going to happen. It just really sucks things had to go this way.

As we come into Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Sidious has captured Maul and stashed him away on a remote prison planet made of obsidian. How cool is that?

That is pretty damn cool. So that’s what Sidious did with Maul, huh? He stashed him away on an obsidian prison planet? I’m guessing Mother Talzin busts him out.

We also meet more of the Nightbrothers — Maul’s brutal cohorts from Dathomir — and spend some time with a scary dude called Brother Viscus. These guys are wild and a lot of fun.

I really liked seeing the Nightbrothers in The Nightsisters Trilogy. Does Maul retreat home or is uniting the Night Brothers another part of his plan? With the death of Savage, finding more of his tribe probably makes sense for Maul at that juncture. If he can’t trust anyone he has in his army so far, the most trust he can gain is through his people.

I think Barlow will do a terrific job and I look forward to reading the last tales from Star Wars: The Clone Wars even if it really bums me out that we have a medium shift in the process.

My hope is that this story is great. But wasn’t necessary. I hope Maul lives and there are bigger plans for him outside of that arc they are salvaging.

Read the full interview here.


Perhaps the emphasis on this story has been slightly exaggerated?


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