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Adam Driver is the bad guy in Star Wars: Episode VII?

I was originally on the road when this story broke. I wrote “Variety is reporting Adam Driver is being cast as the bad guy in Star Wars: Episode VII.” Now I’m home. Variety, THR, EW, and Tweets from Lena Dunham, and elsewhere have worked to confirm the story. It isn’t official until Lucasfilm announces it. Anything can happen between now and then as well, so keep that in mind. But this has all the right sources saying it is true. This is kind of like when Abrams was confirmed as director. We had all of these same outlets confirming stuff and then shortly after we had it confirmed.

This story was originally rumored back on 1/11/14 by THR.

Lets dig into this!

adam driver

I do like Adam Driver. I am not exactly a fan of his show Girls. I feel that the show is strange in the way the women on the show are poorly written compared to the men on the show, mainly Adam Driver’s character “Adam” (they stretched that one far). His character on the show is creepy, but endearing. I’m not saying this because he’s likely in the newest Star Wars film and I’m that big of a fanatic, but Adam Driver is pretty much the reason I watch the show. All that said, I like him much more than the rumored Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugo Weaving. His face is also fresher than Gary Oldman. This choice is more original than the rumored others we’ve heard of for this part.

The idea that the bad guy is a younger man in interesting. In Star Wars, the main bad guy has generally been older, with the exception of Darth Maul they’ve all been old men (no offence to Gary Oldman). A part of me wonders how accurate the bad guy rumor is though. I kind of buy him as Harrison Ford’s son or the offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Unless it is their child that goes off the deep end?

Since I got home from my Palm Springs trip today, THR has come forward with the same rumor.

Thanks to @Freshjim for the heads up!

Update: EW is confirming they’ve heard the same rumor via their sources.

Driver’s co-star and creator of Girls tweeted this out:

(Via Club Jade)


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