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Hear 57 Tracks from 5 Seasons of Kevin Kiner’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars Scores!

Now, This is Podcasting! music coordinator Mark Seyb chimes in tonight with some interesting news for us fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

Up until now, the only legitimate way to listen to any of the music from composer Kevin Kiner’s wonderful Star Wars: The Clone Wars music was to buy the score from the movie or to have visited his website back when he posted his Annie Award nominated episode scores. Kiner’s website has gone through a HUGE overhaul recently and now offers at least 57 tracks from his 5 seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars orchestrations. Most notably, much of Kiner’s score for the final Ahsoka arc is available for your listening pleasure. What sets this score apart is reportedly Kevin Kiner paid for this score, out of his own pocket, to be performed by a live orchestra in Prague (the same one used for the The Clone Wars feature film.) Head on over there and take a listen and hope that we get to listen to more Kevin Kiner’s Star Wars music in the future with Star Wars Rebels should he be the composer.


Thanks to Mark Seyb for his continued great work on Now, This is Podcasting!, consultation on all things we do at MakingStarWars.net, and most of all his friendship over the years.


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