A Highly Unlikely Title – Star Wars: Episode VII The Hill

ABC7 is reporting that there is a subtitle for Star Wars: Episode VII and it is “The Hill.”  That would be Star Wars: Episode VII The Hill. The first thing that came to mind was Star Wars: Episode VII Over the Hill because half the “familiar faces” are over the hill, so to speak. At best, I feel this is a working title akin to Star Wars: Episode II Jar Jar’s Great Adventure. But I’m probably giving this report too much credit.

The announcer appeals to the concept that ABC is owned by Disney who owns Lucasfilm. But the announcer doesn’t even get the name of the company he’s refering to correct! He calls it “Lucasfilms.” If you can’t get the title of the company that your company owns correct, I’m not so sure you can get the title of the film correct either.

Local news, I hate you.

ABC US News | ABC Business News

So there you have it.

Star Wars: Episode VII Over the Hill. Heh.

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