Foodles and AVCO are Star Wars: Episode VII production and working title codenames!

I just received a message from someone going by “Unsung Tipster.” They provided some interesting links to AVCO and Foodles to Star Wars: Episode VII. If you recall, Foodles was the rumored production code name for Star Wars: Episode VII. Just today AVCO was revealed to be the working title/code name for the film itself by Bleeding Cool.

The first piece of evidence is from an industry newsletter. The second is from a Linkedin account which we are editing to protect the person’s privacy.


Star Wars Ep 7 aka AVCO / Pinewood / Disney / PD Rick Carter & Darren Gilford / SAD Neil Lamont


From a Linkedin account (name omitted):

H&S Advisor (Stunts)

“AVCO” Foodles Productions (UK) Ltd

April 2014 – Present (2 months) Pinewood Studios


I think this works with previous reports that Foodles was a codename and AVCO as the working title for Star Wars: Episode VII. Thank you, Unsung Tipster for the evidence! As fans of Star Wars history, I really appreciate it!

UPDATE: Another source says there is another. Another code name that is. I’m not sure if it changed at in point or if different teams are using different pseudonyms. But I figured I’d add that in anyways for thoroughness.

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