UPDATED: New Pictures of the Star Wars Rebels Cast

A kind twitter user (@SMGFPJFanx) brought these photos of the Star Wars Rebels cast to my attention. Being that Star Wars news is everywhere, I wasn’t sure if I had seen these pictures before or not (leaning towards not). The photos appeared in the blog “Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3.” The owner of the blog attended the Star Wars Rebels Event on Sunday, May 4th, and subsequently wrote about her experience. Also, notice the extra cast member at the very end of the second picture. Could this individual be the voice of Agent Kallus or the Inquisitor?

Again, many thanks to @SMGFPJFanx for bringing this to my attention.

UPDATED, 5/8/2014:

Rebels Report located this third image from “As Mom Sees It.”

(via Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3; Hi-res images from Sweeties Freebies)

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