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Star Wars: Episode VII’s Working Title Revealed?

Harry Knowles at AICN says they have heard the working title for Star Wars: Episode VII which is

Star Wars: Episode VII The Ancient Fear

His source said:

“it refers to Max Von Sydow’s villain who makes Pazuzu look like a *****!”

Pazuzu refers the demon in The Exorcist, which Max Von Sydow starred in. If true, it really takes me back to the a fake rumored title for Revenge of the Sith which was The Creeping Death and The Creeping Fear. 

The fact they claim it is a working title makes it hard to critique. If it is a working title, it won’t impact much as the title will change, unless it sticks. This is a series with working titles like “The Beginning” and “Jar Jar’s Great Adventure.” Of course, Revenge of the Sith was the working title for Revenge of the Sith, so there’s always that.

The title is less active than a George Lucas title, so perhaps it isn’t a name he came up with? If real, the title does give some mysterious vibes off.


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