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Over 40 pictures from the Abu Dhabi Star Wars: Episode VII set!

I considered not running this. But TMZ has 45 pictures from Star Wars: Episode VII. You can tell by looking at them this isn’t sensistive stuff, really. You’re seeing extras and at the end of the day, a unique angle of the sets and props. The speeder reminds me of The White Witch from Droids, but it isn’t. The pics are out there now and as a fan of the production of these films, I find the closeups of the extras to be really cool. That pig is really awesome too.

Update: The gate text simply reads WARNING in Aurebesh.


Randy removed the dopey watermarks of two good images:



Lou did one too: Blondie

Edit: noticed this:

Jabba’s Palace McQuarrie art is the main gate to this complex:


NigeYC made us this after seeing our observation:

McQuarrie In EpVII



Click images to pull up the gallery viewer:



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