Over 40 pictures from the Abu Dhabi Star Wars: Episode VII set!

I considered not running this. But TMZ has 45 pictures from Star Wars: Episode VII. You can tell by looking at them this isn’t sensistive stuff, really. You’re seeing extras and at the end of the day, a unique angle of the sets and props. The speeder reminds me of The White Witch from Droids, but it isn’t. The pics are out there now and as a fan of the production of these films, I find the closeups of the extras to be really cool. That pig is really awesome too.

Update: The gate text simply reads WARNING in Aurebesh.


Randy removed the dopey watermarks of two good images:



Lou did one too: Blondie

Edit: noticed this:

Jabba’s Palace McQuarrie art is the main gate to this complex:


NigeYC made us this after seeing our observation:

McQuarrie In EpVII



Click images to pull up the gallery viewer:


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  • Sandis Rozuleja Dvorovs

    A Water vaporator’s, nice!…

  • Tuskin38

    That Jabba’s palace entrance was also used in the Force Unleashed 1 DLC, as, appropriately, the entrance to Jabba’s palace.


  • Pandoran

    I wasn’t sure before, but at this point it’s looking an awful lot like Tatooine to me. This is so exciting. Even though at the end of the day it doesn’t show us a lot, it’s really hit it home for me that this is happening. We’re getting new Star Wars, and they’re filming it right freakin’ now!

  • Paul Lane

    So finally the fans (me) should be satisfied.
    I remember during the filming of AOTC I was excited to see the “first” pictures from the set. It was N. Portman and E. McGregor standing on some black boxes in front of a “set” of hung blue fabric, ha ha, I was so disappointed.. not so today!