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Episode 39! MakingStarWars.net’s Now, This is Podcasting!

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Beware serious spoilers below for first two episodes of Star Wars Rebels!


On episode 39 of Now, This Is Podcasting! Jason, Randy and Jeremy delve into a slew of new Star Wars news, including:

  • Could Maisie Richardson-Sellers still be cast in Star Wars: Episode VII?
  • Latino Review scoops on Billie Lourd, Mandalorians galore, and “Sith Witches”?
  • Has Oscar Isaac’s role in Episode VII been expanded due to Harrison Ford’s on-set injury? Disney says no.
  • New ideas about the plot of Episode VII as well as John Boyega’s role in the film.

PLUS! Incredible and mind blowing new spoilers containing the main story beats of the first two episodes of Star Wars Rebels written by Simon Kinberg. Keep scrolling for MakingStarWars’ DETAILED notes on the episodes.

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Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled for Star Wars Rebels!





  • Ezra comes upon a cool score, blasters, ammo, and supplies when he finds The Rebels destroying and stealing the crates.
  • Zeb offers Ezra a ride away from the explosions as Imperials show up.
  • Zeb locks Ezra in a storeroom when he gets aboard their ship after they give him a ride away from the munitions destruction.
  • On the way, the crew stops and begins to hand out food to the starving masses they stole from the Empire.
  • However, because Zeb shoved Ezra in the closet Ezra plans to snoop around the ship for some loot. Later on after they visit a spot called Tarkintown (Tangletown), Ezra goes through the ship.
  • He’s almost called by something…that’s when he discovers the Holocron and Kanan’s lightsaber. Kanan catches him, takes the saber, but Ezra pockets the Holocron.
  • The rebels trade the stolen blasters they didn’t blow up to Vizago. Vizago then gives them the flight plan of the ship transporting enslaved Wookiees. The Rebels dock with the Imperials and try and pass Zeb off as a rare hairless Wookiee!
  • Ezra is told to stay on the ship with Hera. But he gets a cold shiver down his spine while the the others go on the mission…it was a trap, Vizago sold them out to the Empire!
  • Hera looks to Ezra and says “If all you do is fight for your own life, your life’s worth nothing.” This truth makes Ezra angry.
  • Star Destroyers appear over the city in Space scaring the locals.
  • With no Wookiees aboard the ship the rebels are trying to make their way off the ship, but a squadron of Stormtroopers waits for Kanan and Zeb to come out. Ezra takes his slingshot and shoots a detonator packet at them, blowing up the entire squadron of Stormtroopers. He feels heroic for the first time.
  • Meanwhile Sabine was in the gravity control station and she deactivates the gravity on the ship and speedily floats towards the Ghost, thanks to Chopper’s rockets.
  • Ezra ends up fighting with Agent Kallus and Zeb tries to escape without Ezra, angering Ezra.
  • Ezra is put into the Star Destroyer’s brig by Agent Kallus.
  • Agent Kallus is of the Imperial Security Bureau.
  • The ISB are the nastiest Imperials around, even other Imperials fear them.
  • While in holding, Ezra activates the Holocron. Ezra stares at it and it unfolds as if it understood his silent command and a recording begins to play. Ezra is confused by a mysterious man named Obi-Wan Kenobi telling him to “Trust in the Force.”
  • Obi-Wan explains that the Emperor is actually a Sith Lord who betrayed the Jedi and destroyed the Republic.
  • Ezra fakes coughing and proclaims Emperor Palpatine his uncle so they open his cell door. Ezra wedges himself to the ceiling and pops out the door before they even think to look up for their prisoner.
  • Ezra runs for the airlocks and takes a trooper’s helmet.
  • Ezra hears over the coms that The Ghost, he was not abandoned!
  •  He also discovers the location of the Wookiees.
  • When Ezra gets aboard the Ghost, Zeb slugs him in the helmet thinking he’s a Stormtrooper further adding to their contentious relationship.
  • The Wookiees have all been shipped off to the Spice Mines of Kessel.
  • Ezra tells the crew they started this job, they should finish it. The Wookiees must be saved.
  • They  go to the Wookiee camp to save the Wookiees on Kessel, Spice Mine K77 to be exact.
  • Illegal Spice has been sold in Capital City since the Empire took over.
  • The Empire is not expecting the Rebels on Kessel. The stuff we saw of Kanan in the trailers with his saber is on Kessel.
  • Sabine speaks a little Wookiee. The Wookiees call Ezra “The Little Warrior.”
  • After this good deed and Obi-Wan’s message, Ezra realizes he must join the crew of the Ghost and figure out what the Force is.
  • The only drawback? Ezra has to bunk with Zeb.
  • The episode ends with the footage of the Inquisitor and Kallus speaking from the teaser trailer.


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