Star Wars Rebels to Premiere 9/30/2014? Maybe. Maybe not.

Rebels Report just pointed the old internet to this image via @TatooineBreeze:


DirectTV listings can be deceiving. They can also be accurate. So it is hard to say. It is a Tuesday, however, this could be for the first premiere. The series is supposed to air on Saturday mornings on Disney XD after airing on The Disney Channel. The day makes sense for The Disney Channel, but not Disney XD. A part of me thinks we shouldn’t take this too seriously yet. But it could be the date! Hopefully Lucasfilm lets us know about “the validity of this accusation!”


  • Meta Ray Mek

    A general ‘end of September’ airdate sounds plausible to me. That’s when new shows usually start (I recall the current TMNT cartoon debuting around that time a couple years back), but I suspect they’ll announce a concrete airdate at SDCC next month.

    • I Win, You Lose!!!!!

      I heard that we will see the pilot before that, is that rumor still true?