Apparently Karen Gillan’s hair is not being used in Star Wars: Episode VII.

So apparently Karen Gillan’s hair is not being used in Star Wars: Episode VII. How the hell did that rumor even get printed in the first place? It was the craziest thing we have heard so far but now it appears to be shot down and we can stop talking about her with this franchise.


Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan may have had to shave her red locks to play the villain in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but luckily her pals at Marvel had a solid post-head shave plan: Make her hair into a wig.

“They took it strand-by-strand and put it into a wig,” the still short-haired Gillan revealed Tuesday to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour panel for her upcoming ABC comedy Selfie. “So I’m going to be wearing that [on the show].”

Sorry Mara Jade conspiracy theorist, there’s another to check off the list.

(via @StoryHobbit)

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  • Jeff

    That rumor was started when after she cut her hair she said, “it was given to the Star Wars people”. So naturally people assumed it was for Ep. VII. I believe the only Star Wars film there was any info on at the time.

    • Paul Sergio Resendes

      Yeah exactly so how did that get started it’s very simple she had said her self

  • sun johnson

    Shhh don’t tell the people on there’s some serious EU fans that will be pissed off