The final page of William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return contains a Star Wars: Episode VII Easter Egg!

The final page of William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher contains a hidden Star Wars: Episode VII acrostic poem. The words Episode VII COMETH can be seen down the page, highlighted in red for clarity. Artoo’s speech:

William Shakespears Jedi

So in Star Wars: Episode VII  does the Empire rise, causing our rebels to face new certain dangers? Appears so from the rumors we’ve been hearing. It is suggested here we could even have a title hint here. These books are licensed by Lucasfilm to Quirk Books. Would they pass on any information to an author at the stage in which the book was conceived? That’s arguable. Still, very fun and a good read.

What do you think? Is there more here, or is the acrostic poem the extent of it?

Thanks to our friend who shall remain (like your sister),  safely anonymous.


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  • Pandoran

    Empire Rising sounds like it could be a good title!

  • Adam

    Empire Rising feels like a strong title for all sorts to reasons, unfortunately some of those reasons could imply a very timid approach to the franchise. I mean, do we really need the Empire back as the central threat? Mileage will vary – especially amongst those tasked with marketing the film, ER would be a gift to them – but I certainly don’t. In fact that kind of oh-so-safe creative choice works directly against what I want to see in a new Star Wars movie.

    Given the persistent rumours of the Empire’s involvement, and the direction of travel signposted by Rebels, up to this point I’d been convinced that they’d be present in a limited and somewhat transformed sense, probably playing second fiddle to the real -new- threat. I hope I’m right on that score, but I’m a little less confident as of this afternoon.

    On the other hand, the people making this film know all the (good) reasons why people might not like this move – the way it complicates the end of RoTJ not least amongst them. And Abrams is on record as saying that he loves the mystery and the feeling of possibility that wove through ANH. The guy must have registered that new threat same as the old threat could seriously undermine any efforts he might make to invest his movie with a similar feeling. So, yeah, I’m not entirely bummed out by this rumour, but it’s fair to that my excitement has cooled.

  • Rudy M Alapag Jr

    Yes, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – EMPIRE RISING feels a great title for the new SW. This should be for a EMPIRE that’s still out there.

  • shanny

    3 last movie,2 of them with empire in it?i don’t think it will happen,the empire already has rised in the past

    • Jason Ward

      Yeah, the Empire is in the film. But if it is rising is a good question.

      • Adam

        What Shanny said. We’ve been there and done that. The rise of the Empire was one of the major threads of the Prequels. The defeat of the Empire was one of the major threads of the OT. Abrams can’t have failed to notice this, although whether that would prevent Disney from treading the same well worn ground is another question entirely. It’s familiarity could be precisely *why* they’d choose to go back there.

        The only thing I’d be less excited about would be another bloody story about a fall to the Dark Side. Again, a worryingly plausible direction of travel. New things please, Star Wars!

        (Must remember the breathe! This is just a rumour. Even if this is where things go the movie could still be good. Repeat ten times.)

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