Marvel announces 3 new Star Wars titles


First up we have STAR WARS #1 by: Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. This new title will be an ongoing series set in between Episode IV: A New Hope  and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back beginning in January 2015. It wont focus on any particular character so they story will be diverse.


Next we have Star Wars: Princess Leia by: Mark Wade and Terry Dodson. This will be a 5 issue mini-series story that is being scripted by Mark Waid will focus on how Leia charted her path from princess on Alderaan to the Imperial Senate and, ultimately, to rebel leader and inspiration and how she has reconciled the destruction of her home with the aspirations and hopes of a people yearning to be free.




Lastly, Star Wars: Darth Vader. Starting in February, The Dark Lord of the Sith will reprise his role with efforts to recover is footing, prestige and favor with Emperor Palpatine and the Empire after the Battle of Yavin by:Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca.

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