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Star Wars IV-VI have been converted to 4k 16 bit resolution!

Reliance Media Works, the company responsible for the conversion has content on their site stating the Star Wars Trilogy has been converted to 4k 16 bit resolution. That’s good news for those of us hoping to get a theatrical showing in the near future. Digital versions of the prequel trilogy already exist so now they could technically release all six films at any time now if they wanted to. Of course, with 4k televisions and that sort of jazz becoming more common, I imagine it also preps for that release one day. This could mean a wide re-release or just seeing them in digital theaters who do those 2pm Sunday showings of classic movies every weekend.

Jeremy over at Furious Fanboys asks if this is the original version of the films or the original versions Lucas did towards the end of his career? That’s a great question. I’m a fan of the altered versions myself, but I welcome seeing Star Wars theatrically or in super crazy high def either way. My personal guess is that Lucas retains director’s cut rights on the films and we won’t see the pre-2011 versions of the film anytime soon. But you never know! The guy really may have stopped caring about that stuff when he moved on.


Star Wars TrilogyYou can see their reel here:




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