Star Wars: Episode VII and the meaning of chrome.

Latino Review posted their update today. Most of it was stuff we have been talking about over the last day or so. But the cool part was some elaboration on the chrome Stormtrooper armor. It ties into the rumor that Gwendoline Christie is playing a female Stormtrooper:

These aren’t the only variations on Troopers we’ll see. If you remember, we have been chasing rumors of a black and/or chrome Stormtrooper and I’m going to double down on one of those: There is a chrome Stormtrooper and s/he appears this way because that armor has the power to CLOAK. Invisible Troooper! Good for stalking. Much WOW!

It sounds like the hunt for Boyega’s character might have a little bit of Predator in it, so to speak. Of course, that’s if any of these rumors are accurate or not. Either way, it is all in good fun! Head over to Latino Review to read the rest of their report if you’re not up to date on Stormtrooper specifics.

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