Pic: Star Wars: Episode VII X-wing & Falcon spotted from air in Greenham Common!

Our buddy Alex points us towards this photo shot from the sky of the Falcon and an X-wing. FlyMAC tweeted:




Interesting stuff. I wonder if this lines up with that filming in the near by park we reported recently?



Jesse Tschopp points out:

95% certain this is the shooting spot at Greenham Common. Your pic looks like they brought in a lot of turf.

Dunc’s right: it’s one of the missile silos, not the location I originally suggested.

















Star Wars 7 News broke the story about the turf.


Justin Reeves emailed us to let us know he has another photo and it shows a second X-wing fighter!

Update: Someone sent a drone to the location!

Thanks to IG-88MPH for the heads up!


Nicholas Diak writes us as shares an observation:





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