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John Williams begins work on Star Wars: Episode VII in 2 weeks!

Facebook user Chris Kowalski sent us this tidbit that Williams spoke about upcoming work on Star Wars: Episode VII  last night. Here’s what Chris had to say:

Went to see John Williams conduct the Milwaukee symphony last night and he confirmed he is starting work on EP VII in 2 weeks!


And here are few photos from Chris and a short YouTube clip where you can briefly hear Williams talk about Episode VII from the performance in Milwaukee.

Photo by Chris Kowalski
Photo by Chris Kowalski
Photo by Chris Kowalski


Thanks for the heads up Chris, and keep being a kick ass fan!


Here’s a short update:

A fan who knows a thing or two about composing sent us this:

Yes, the maestro himself said that he would begin work on Ep VII but this means the very beginning of the process.  He would start thinking up and creating new themes as necessary depending upon the storyline needs.  I’m surprised by this as usually JW wants to “see” what he is writing for before it is being created.

Until there is a rough cut, the next step of writing cues does not take place.  It is possible that a rough cut of what has been filmed thus far does exist, still surprised though.  Then you have orchestrating and copying of parts (which can happen quickly), then recording.
I truly believe recording isn’t going to happen till next summer at the earliest.

BUT . . . if a trailer was to come out with a new theme attached THAT would have to recorded earlier if you get my drift.  (Think “Duel of the Fates” or “Across the Stars”)

We kinda figured that everyone would be on the same page about there not yet being a rough cut of the film. It’s true that Williams likes to compose to scenes and typically for a May release he starts work on the soundtrack in early spring. However, Celebration Anaheim is in April next year, so it is possible that some scenes are being shown to Williams so he can work on a teaser trailer before the end of the year holidays.


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