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Rumors: Two The Clone Wars voice actors cast in Star Wars Rebels and more!

For the last month or so we have heard about two veterans from Star Wars: The Clone Wars being added as recurring roles in Star Wars Rebels. We’re not sure who is playing what at this point, but we do know believe one of the actors is playing a new central character to the series.

Sam Witwer is deeply involved with Star Wars Rebels, as is Andrew Kishino.

Sam Witwer played many character in The Clone Wars but his most notable role was Darth Maul or Maul as he was reduced to by the end of the series. We’re not saying Maul is in Rebels as we do not know who he is playing at this point. As for Andrew Kishino, he played Saw Gerrera, a rebel from Onderon in The Clone Wars. Just like Maul, we’re not saying Saw Gerrera is in Star Wars Rebels either. We think they’re probably both playing new characters.

Below we have some rumors that might be huge for the series if true. Read beyond this sweet picture of Lando if you want to know more.


Okay, here are some sweet rumors:

Hera and Kanan are in contact with a man named Fulcrum. Fulcrum is a codename. The crew members of the starship Ghost do not know about Fulcrum and this leads to some trust issues down the road.

The interesting thing about Fulcrum is he is in contact with the various rebel cells throughout the galaxy. He is bringing them intelligence, supplies, and viable targets. It is not immediately clear if there is a connection between Fulcrum and Bail Organa at this point in the early stages of the Galactic Civil War or not.

This path takes the crew of the Ghost down a dangerous journey where they eventually learn about the Empire’s five year plan for the outer rim territories. The crew gets titillating information from a Rodian with a Lobot styled head device on which contains information on Ezra’s parents as well.

I cannot confirm this final bit beyond the sources giving me tons of implication.  It appears the rebels are given deeper  purpose as the series moves on in Season 1. The story involves investigating and eventually trying to halt the development of a super weapon conceptualized during The Clone Wars if you can see what we’re getting at. The other interesting part is that this five year plan would run right into A New Hope.

Can the rebels do their part to save the galaxy?



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