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Star Wars Episode VII: Tow cables? A ship and a beast.

Star Wars Snapshots: A Glimpse at Episode VII. If you want to know what you are likely to see on screen in 2015, read on:

Lots of AT-AT stories. What about tow cables? No Snowspeeders in this one, sorry.

Kira has a junker ship which has tow cables that detach from it to pull junk across the sandy planet on which she lives. The cockpit is in the center of the ship and is not unlike a B-29 Bomber. Stylistically it reminds me of the ships from Terminator that attack John Conor’s rebels. The cockpit holds two pilots in the front and there is probably room for more in the short fuselage. The back of the ship fans out. There are no weapons as it is not an attack ship.

The ship has four engines, large engines. The large engines on the bottom are on the sides while two smaller engines sit above it, but close together. Imagine an X-wing fighter from Episode IV if the engines on the bottom where bigger. In some depictions the top of the ship has two X-wing engines for the smaller engines.

The version of the ship parked inside the AT-AT garage has four engines, two on the bottom, two towards the outside and they’re all the same size. There is yet another third design that is bulkier. I believe the first description is the final piece as it appears to be the most designed with a lot of work put into it.

This ship hides in the belly of the fallen AT-AT with two tarps that can close to conceal the ship.

Here’s another interesting note. There is art of a large Star Destroyer with gravity wells crashed in the horizon. Kira is directing a giant pig like what we saw in the TMZ photos towards a station. The driver on the giant pig is abstract but appears to be the alien from the lightsaber photos in other depictions. What are they towing? An X-wing fighter, one you’ve all seen.


This is how Kira salvages her X-wing for the film, most likely. There is some indication that the ship is used to get Kira’s and the giant pig is used to get Boyega’s. But that’s not entirely clear for now.

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