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Star Wars: Episode VII’s Chrome Stormtrooper Commander and weapon information.

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Indie Revolver  posted some really crazy stuff in recent weeks. They showed you the Chrome Stormtrooper and concept art for the Chrome Stormtroopers. You’ll notice their concept has a cloak that they note has been removed. That’s because the design was probably demoted, so to speak. I’m not going to show you anything because I don’t go that way. But I’m not against talking about what is out there.

What Indie Revolver showed you was the standard Chrome Stormtrooper. But these guys have a leader. This leader may be played by Gwendoline Christie. But I can’t sure, that’s the prevailing rumor for now. There are old rumors the character was male and then became female after we fans voiced our concern about the cast being primarily male (which is totally unverified and we were hearing Games of Thrones connections well before the casting announcement anyhow).

The top of the Chrome Stormtrooper commander’s head is not unlike a TIE-Fighter/AT-AT driver helmet. The eyes are more like a classic Stormtrooper’s eyes as opposed to the Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper’s visor look. There’s a chance this changed but with what I looked at, it was like the classic Stormtrooper. The left side of the helmet has a communication type device that moves down and isn’t on the ride side of the helmet. The part underneath the head helmet, the face area, reminds me of a folded napkin  (with a Stormtrooper face printed on it) if that makes sense. It doesn’t have the rounded trim at the bottom like the classic Storntrooper, it’s almost like Darth Vader’s mask in a way.

The center of the helmet is black, where the commander’s forehead would be and its kind of like a really tamed centurion (like the AT-AT driver). The armor is very much like the new Stormtrooper chest piece. The character wears a black cape with red lining on the inside.

Now for a second piece of art:

A wampa claw lightsaber. Imagine a wampa claw and the lightsaber fits into the talon. It has a red button on the side. There are two different saber designs that aren’t that far part in differences (one has etching on the nail and the other doesn’t).

This sits at the side of the Chrome Stromtrooper Commander’s right side on a utility belt while the cape flows freely behind him or her in the wind.

It kicks serious ass.


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