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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Six Pirates!

These are the kinds of pirates I imagined when George Lucas wrote about the Legions of Lettow in his early drafts. These guys look like they would drink your space rum and throw you out the airlock of your ship. They’re all pretty dirty and scruffy looking. I believe they originate on “Kira’s” sand planet. I speculate Max von Sydow might be leader of these guys in the finished film, but I honestly don’t know. They’re a dash Star Wars, a dash Mad Max, and pretty much rad all around.

There’s a main pirate that has many different designs. So we’ll just call him “main pirate.” He looks like Robert Carlyle in a way, with a goatee and slightly long stringy hair. His under suit looks likes mummy wrappings, but they might be white foam, its hard to tell from the drawing. He has a chrome Stormtrooper’s bracers and gloves on his the gloves are fingerless. He has a blue coverall that goes over the wrappings, but just up to his chest. The groin area and stomach are exposed showing the wrappings. He has a belt on that is studded and a cup to project his important parts… it has a piece of cloth that drapes down from it. He has a red cape that is tattered and destroyed looking, more like a shawl in its frayed state. The cape is fastened to him with a rope he wears like a bandolier. He has a gun holster that appears to strap abound his leg, intersecting with his “cup.” The design is very weird.

The second design for the main pirate appears to be the preferred design as it pops up in other works. The head is redrawn but it is the same face and hair as the first design mentioned. This one has a metal plate on his chest armor which is technical with a tube coming off it and lots of “stuff” that probably does “stuff.” Its mostly obscured by his blue “trench coat.” It is a trench coat in style, but it has wide shoulders that do not cover the arms (he has under clothing that covers his arms). There is a slit in the back that makes an upside down V that gives him mobility. The blue “frock” looks like something Chancellor Palpatine might have worn, but clearly the pirate wears it as a status symbol amongst his men, like Hondo would have. His undershirt is gray and he has blue bracers on. One of the bracers is spiky, almost crow-like. His pants are grey and his boots are a greenish gray that match his undershirt. He has two big riffles that cross like an X on his back.

The next piece features the same design above but with 5 other pirates.This piece is smaller and the details are harder to read specifically.

The first pirate is wearing black leather pants with black boots. He has a thick belt on with lots of ammo pockets. He wears a duster. His black hair is thick and poofy. He wears goggles on his forehead. He has a large bazooka strapped to his back and a metal sword in his hand. It appears he has a tunic on underneath his coat.

The second pirate in the gang is a short fat man. He has a black smock on that goes down to his knees. He wears black pants and boots. He has a brown cloak on that has a thick clasp. His right hand is a metallic claw (note this claw is featured on an alien we will discuss later in the week). His hair is combed to the side. He looks like a jerk.

The pirate in the middle is Montross from the 1976 drawing with a few updates:


His goggles are reworked a little and it has a piece of tech that pops up on the right hand side. He wears a light grey “Han Solo” styled shirt, with a black leather vest. He has both his hands on his belt buckle. He has a rifle on his back.

Next to him is a really tall skinny pirate. He has lots of gear on his chest area. He has a backpack with tubes sticking out of it and a little pole with a properly on it coming out of it. It isn’t clear if this is supposed to make him fly (unlikely) or its some kind of communication device used for pirating. He has a head gear piece sort of similar to a headband with ear-protectors and spiky messed up hair. He too has silver bracers on.

The final pirate is wearing a cloak. The hood is up. It looks very “Assassin’s Creed.”  He has a bandolier. He stands brooding. His cloak also has a slit in the back for mobility. He wields a white lightsaber (which is hard to make out against the white background honestly).

All in all, this crew is pretty badass.


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