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Oscar Isaac’s role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Opening Act!

As we teased in our Pigs in Space article, Brandon Rhea on has posted a lot about Oscar Isaac and his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The films opens with a space battle as rebels attempt to stop the Imperials above the planet where they are attempting to halt their search for an artifact.

 Boyega is captured and thrown in the brig.

Apparently “Kira” spies the abhorrent attack on the village by the Imperials with their flamethrowers. She is also aware, as we had heard, that Boyega’s character objects to burning innocent villagers. They’re looking for the ligthsaber and are willing to kill anyone to get it. Boyega runs and is captured after his TIE fighter crashes in a failed attempt as leaving that life behind.

While put in the Imperial brig, he finds himself sitting next to a rebel pilot. The unlikely duo find themselves in need of one another if they’re going to get out. I spoke to a source about the info about to hit and it was alluded to that in classic Star Wars style, the boys are saved by the girl.

I believe after she breaks them out, she lets them hide at her AT-AT turned home while she uses the giant pigs to drag his down X-wing to the bid station to be repaired for their escape off-world.

What happens next? Well, we can’t say for sure, but if you’re looking to secure safe passage off of a desert planet, and to avoid any Imperial entanglements, there’s only one person you can trust, right?

As I mentioned before, we have a lot of art of the Falcon at this bidding station outpost. I speculate a certain scruffy looking nerf herder might be on a mission to retrieve one of his downed pilots.

The only thing that is a mystery at this point is if the scavengers still ascend on the TIE? I also wonder if the scene has been moved to the X-wing to give Kira some challenge in saving the ship for dramatic effect? That’s just speculation, of course.

The movie is sounding really awesome. Knowing what we know of the rest of the film, I feel like when we get to the castle sequence, the film is going to feel very dire. But Rogue Squadron and Oscar Issac’s character will turn up and turn the tide of the battle in those final moments. Maybe…

Also, that lightsaber is back! I just wrote it off and here it comes back into our lives again!

Head over to to read their full report and I’m pretty sure they have more to come!


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