Comics FTW: Dave Filoni, Henry Gilroy & Kilian Plunkett will be there tonight!

Today we are heading down to Santa Rosa to buy the first issue of Marvel Comics new Star Wars series, set in the canon universe of the Star Wars saga. Dave Filoni, Henry Gilroy and Kilian Plunkett will be in attendance according to this tweet:

Comics FTW shared this on their Facebook page:

Comics FTW

Its only an hour away from us, so I’m taking Amanda and Luke down to buy their copies of the issue today. If you’re wondering why I don’t have a review up the first issue yet, its because I don’t have one yet. I’ll be picking it up tonight. I’m looking forward to the new era of Star Wars comics and visiting a cool comic store. Hopefully they still have a few issues left by the time I get there!

Luke is going dressed as X-wing Luke because he does what he wants.


Update: Luke Danger has forsaken the good side of the Force and turned to the dark side. He insists on being Darth Vader!


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