Domnhall Gleeson On The Force Awakens: “The Most Secrecy I’ve Had To Work With”

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In an interview with Radio Times, Domnhall Gleeson, one of the most elusive members of the cast of The Force Awakens, has given us a potential reason for his absence from the spotlight: all the secrecy.

“I would say it’s the most secrecy I’ve had to work with, just because you have to sign so many things,” Domnhall says, adding, “I don’t even talk about it – I’m not even afraid I’ll let anything slip anymore, I’m just aware that it’s actually boring, because I know the answer is I can’t talk about it.”

This dedication to secrecy, though some might find it difficult, was made easy by the enthusiasm inherent on The Force Awakens set. “Once I got to set, the way JJ was working and the love, the genuine love for Star Wars that was everywhere on set – it made me want to protect those secrets. It wasn’t like I was contractually obligated to keep them.”

Clearly, the love for Star Wars aboard Episode VII is palpable and shared among the cast and crew, which is proving to be in JJ’s favor with regards to keeping the secrets of the sequel trilogy under wraps. I, for one, am happy to see such joy and loyalty to the spirit of the project by one of the (we assume) primary actors. Nowhere is this better expressed then in Domnhall’s statement, “I trust them with it – it’s not one of those moneymaking schemes, though I’m sure it will make money. The love for those movies, what those movies meant to them, to everybody on that film – you could really feel it.

“I’m really proud of it– I hope it’s good! We’re in trouble if it’s not….”

Yes, you are!

Thanks to Radio Times for conducting the interview.


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