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Exclusive Video: Dave Filoni, Henry Gilroy, and Kilian Plunkett discuss Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars!

Comics FTW held a special Star Wars event to celebrate the release of  Marvel Star Wars #1. Dave Filoni, Henry Gilroy, and Kilian Plunkett were in attendance and held a Q&A at the end. It was really intimate and fun. I have a lot of photos to share from the event soon and there was even  an awesome Plo-Koon sculpture made on the spot. In the cantina at the back of the store, we had blue milk and cookies. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. It was pretty cool to see a nice community of enthusiastic comic book and Star Wars fans in one place.

In the name of full disclosure, there will be more videos, about 15 minutes more in total. I’m not trying to “milk it,” I just got a new camera and I’m learning how to encode the videos I take for YouTube. I think I have it figured out now. In the future I plan to get a mic for this camera too.

For now, enjoy my first attempt at video:

There will be more to come very soon, I promise.



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