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First Star Wars Spin-off to shoot in Mexico? Force Awakens reshoots and more!

I was talking to a some friends today around the Pinewood Studios sphere trying to fish out some info on the next Star Wars stand-alone spin-off #1 set for 2016. Here are some rumors from the crew members and such from Pinewood and what a few people at Pinewood are hearing about the new film:

  • Expect more on-location shooting than for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Crew members are hearing their start dates now.
  • Many believe they are doing a lot of work on-location in Mexico for the first spin-off.
  • There have been some Star Wars: The Force Awakens re-shoots going down recently at Pinewood using some of those people.
  • Bounty hunters are important to the film.
  • Painters are expected to redress some set pieces from The Force Awakens and there are lots of cost cutting measures like that in place for the first spin-off film. Most of the reshoot materials are to be saved when possible for this reason.

The codename “Los Alamos” has been been one of a few code names for the next Star Wars production (first shared by SWU). The question I’m left with is, is that a code name because of the shoot in Mexico or is the code name making people think the Spanish sounding name implies a Mexico shoot for the film? When I ran this by a friend, he thought he wasn’t doing as much on the next film because they were using a different crew in Mexico. But Los Alamos is a place in New Mexico, the United States.

We have also heard that the codename is “Los Alamos” because that’s where the Manhattan Project was founded which gave us nuclear weapons. I personally feel this backs up the bounty hunter story /FILM ran in which bounty hunters steal the Death Star plans. It doesn’t necessarily mean they go to the Death Star to steal the plans. We know from Attack of the Clones they were developed by the Geonosians. So they could be there or they could be on a different planet using Mexico as the backdrop for the new film.

Perhaps the codename is just a hint at the general look of the film which I’ve heard has a Spaghetti Western look to it and seems reinforced by this info by implication.

Admittedly, this information is confusing and probably in flux. With such a slow news week, I figure its more fun to share than to sit on it for now. There’s a lot more in the cooker for this next film and we’re on it.



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