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Episode 60!’s Now, This is Podcasting!

In this episode of’s Now, This is Podcasting! The Rumors Strike Back! Yeah, that pun sucks. But it actually kind of fits! Jason, Randy, Johna, Jeremy, Sal, and Liz discuss:

  • Aaron Paul tweets a denial to any involvement with a Star Wars film.
  • Indie Revolver has shared a new TIE Lander conceptual art piece!
  • Exclusive details on concept art for the Bullhead alien in The Force Awakens!
  • Bob Iger takes a pic with the Falcon!
  • Warwick Davis on The Force Awakens poster hopes!
  • Poe Dameron damns all the theories based on leaks as wrong!
  • Maker Studios to produce The Force Awakens video content!
  • More discussion on concept piece of TIE fighters and TIE Starfighters!
  • Huge in-depth discussion on Star Wars Rebels and the return of Yoda!

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