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Casting: Aaron Paul, Felicity Jones, and Edgar Ramirez are finalist for first Star Wars stand-alone spin-off!

THR says that Star Wars‘ first stand-alone spin-off probably has its lead:

After a series of hush-hush readings and tests, Lucasfilm and Disney have zeroed in on Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones for the female lead in the Star Wars stand-alone film.

UPDATE: Variety now says she has the role:

Disney and Lucasfilm have tapped Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones to star in the “Star Wars” standalone movie from director Gareth Edwards.

This makes the most sense to me as Tatiana Maslany has had every indication she did not get the part in our circles, from Hollywood to Canada to a source in London we’ve heard she was out over the last week. Jones was also up for a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2013.

Sources say that Aaron Paul and Edgar Ramirez are on the interest list for the male lead.

Aaron Paul has been a name I’ve heard for a very long while now. Our Aaron Paul sources always said this movie was a Han Solo film. Its kind of nice to see after the Aaron Paul denial recently:

However, Edgar Ramirez is totally news to me.

Thanks to Star Ocean for the heads up!


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