Exclusive: New Imperial Symbols, Rankings, and Names from the Force Awakens Revealed!

Very recently, I told you about some names on the Imperial officers outfits that were very interesting. Today, I want to share with some symbols found on Imperial officers uniforms. I have some time to kill but I’m not at a computer with Photoshop so I’m going to do it in Paint. I think it gets the point across. If anyone wants to buy me Photoshop for this computer instead of complaining, that would be awesome (note: joking).

Here are the symbols and the rankings in which they pertain to:

Imperial Symbols

  1. Captain / Lieutenant
  2. Sergeant
  3.  Squad Leader

Imperial Symbols 2

  1. General
  2. Admiral
  3. Colonel
  4. Lt. Colonel
  5. Major

This text is also written on each armband:

The armbands are very basic, just a black background, off-white border with off-white text. It has been suggested that “Kaplan” probably refers to Star Wars: The Force Awakens costume designer,  Michael Kaplan. Hal might refer to 2001’s A.I. It has been suggested RO might be Roberto Orci, Star Trek writer. Maybe someday we will get those answers, maybe we won’t.

Hopefully this is of basic interest to some of you. Cosplayers, maybe down the road I can find a better way to help you out.


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