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The first Star Wars spin-off to feature Sabine?

iKwiz writes about the first spin-off film:

Tatiana Maslany’s name came up a lot for the role of Sabine, the same character from [Star Wars] Rebels. In this story she’s a little older and a bounty hunter.” 

My instincts are really against this. I would really love to see a character from the series end up in her own film and Sabine is great and we know the least about her at this point. I love the character so far and would see a film with her. It also seems somewhat unlikely that a character from the series would end up on the screen at this juncture. It seems like there would be profitable characters to mine from at this point. Back when Disney acquired Marvel, they said they didn’t buy Marvel to make new super heroes but to exploit the hundreds of heroes they now owned. So with Star Wars would they do the opposite?

Maybe Sabine simply shows up in the film?

iKwiz also just wrote:

“Boba Fett is a mantle. The name, the ship and the armor gets passed down to a successor. That’s how he is brought back for the films and explains the character for later stories.”


“Michael Fassbender is the frontrunner to be Boba Fett, fact!”

So that would mean a Boba Fett after he escaped from the Sarlacc would pass on the mantle. Sabine is about as old as Luke Skywalker. So this would take place sometime after Return of the Jedi. The old mantle passing rumor in its former iteration featured an elder Boba passing on his materials and code like The Phantom or The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Tatiana Maslany is 29. Rooney Mara is also 29. So lets just say Sabine is 30 in this potentially hypothetical film and do a little estimation.

Sabine is 16 in Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels.

Sabine would be 21 by A New Hope.

Sabine would be 27ish by Return of the Jedi.

So Boba would retire 3 years-ish after Return of the Jedi? That’s somewhere in the vicinity this film would take place.

Pablo Hildalgo already laughed at the rumor we see Boba killed and sometime takes his place. We will have to see what happens with this one. I don’t know how space-pensions work but Boba is 31 during A New Hope. So Boba is in his late 30’s when he goes into the pit. Seems a bit young for retirement in most galaxies.

This isn’t really adding up for me. You can justify by saying Boba made a big score and wants to retire. But would that really sit very well with anyone? There is really nothing about the prequels or the original trilogy that means we have to change him and Stormtroopers are no longer clones of him and the ones that did exist are twice his age by this point, if they are even alive.

Either something is missing from this story or it might be inaccurate.

Note: If I’m wrong by a year on something it was just an estimation overall but I still love you nerds.


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