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The new writer of the first Star Wars Spin-off is no fan of The Phantom Menace!

I was sent this today. Its Chris Weitz proclaiming his dislike for Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

It doesn’t make me really happy. But at the same time, it isn’t the same thing as the Gary Whitta situation where he was actively telling George Lucas he was horrible with more colorful language (and then sending him birthday Tweets which were eye-roll inducing). He thinks that movie sucks. That’s his opinion, man.

I personally think there could be a value in someone not agreeing with every single thing George Lucas did. If we have people like that, we’re simply going to get clones of the movies George Lucas already made with a lot less freshness. I see no problem with someone not liking all the films or thinking they’re perfect. I love them em, they’re very important to me, but none of them are perfect when viewed critically.

I would prefer that the filmmaker have some reverence for the work they are following up though. I think Weitz is saying he has some. But honestly, that’s going to be the norm until the prequel generation starts aging into filmmaking. Weitz was 30 years old when The Phantom Menace came out. It is unlikely he was going to find the magic there we did.

A filmmaker saying he doesn’t like a film is fine. A filmmaker going postal on the franchise for everything it did since 1983, is probably a bad call.

You know, these filmmakers represent the people working at Lucasfilm. The people working there often hold the same beliefs. The people I’ve met there are critical of the prequels and some love them. Hell, some even pretend to like them when they don’t because hey, it’s a good job. It happens. What matters at the end of the day is what they produce and that they respect what came before those stories.


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