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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Maisie Richardson-Sellers character’s name? Plus the spoilers & significance!

Masisie Richardson-Sellers has been one of the actors to gain lot of attention because she was one of the very limited number of roles announced after the primary casting went down. Now it looks like we might have more information about her name in the film and I may be able to elaborate on her role too. Lizo Mzimba points us to Spot Light which says that Maisie Richardson-Sellers is playing Korr Sella in Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

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Korr Sella is a name that has been floating around for sometime. It was on IMDb for a long time. It started to seem to have a little bit of potential as a legit name as it wasn’t deleted (anyone can add names to IMDb so it isn’t something you can take too seriously). Well, it looks as if its just a step away from confirmation there since it made it to Spot Light. I suppose it is possible the IMDb listing informed the Spot Light listing, but I doubt it. Still, crazier things have happened.

The interesting thing is that she used to be listed as The Emissary. The Emissary is a legitimate role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My guess is the title was used for practical purposes before coming up with or implementing the name Korr Sella. If Korr Sella is The Emissary we can shine a little bit of light on her role (sort of).

Here are a few spoilers and mysteries around The Emissary:

Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Maisie Richardson-Sellers
  • It appears The Emissary is on a secret mission of her own.
  • The role is small but could be pivotal.
  • She has 3-4 scenes at most.
  • It appears she is working for Leia.
  • She is at Rose’s Pub when the Empire’s new weapon levels the pub and the castle next to it.
  • She doesn’t survive the attack.
  • Her death brings Leia and See-Threepio to the planet where they have an awkward meeting with Han Solo.

It seems awfully coincidental she ends up at Rose’s pub and that’s a mystery to me right now. There’s no evidence she is called there by Rose or anything like that. I’ve put out the feelers on this information so hopefully we know those answer soon. It appears most of the context for part of Poe’s path and maybe even Korr Sella requires the script’s expository dialog (they have no scenes together). To me all of this points towards this plan by the Rebels that is falling apart and Rey and Finn are there to pick up the pieces in a way no one could have expected. Functionally speaking, this character brings Leia and Han together in this film, unfortunately she dies. Of course that is all predicated upon Korr Sella being The Emissary which Richardson-Sellers was originally listed as playing.



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