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Joss Whedon for Star Wars IX rumors are kicking up.

Today Movie Pilot is citing Get Your Geek On podcast as having news pertaining to Joss Whedon getting involved with Star Wars.

The Get Your Geek On podcast this past Monday revealed that Star Wars will be the next stop for Mr. Whedon. While Rian Johnson has been signed for Episode VIII, Whedon is a lock at least for installment IX.

These rumors started picking up a lot in the last week. I first heard them after Josh Trank left the second Anthology film a few weeks back. To me it seemed like wishful thinking and I didn’t follow up on those leads. I’m not saying anyone is lying or wrong. But it doesn’t feel like a “where there is smoke there is fire” kind of situation to me. It feels… expected.

We were told:

It is extremely possible.

It feels like the rumors are getting going because the possibility exists. It is possible. It almost seems crazy to imagine they never had a meeting or haven’t had a meeting just to discuss the possibilities. Maybe that’s what happened here?

Most would agree that Disney doesn’t want to lose Whedon. Giving him some Star Wars is one way of keeping him in the fold. It would also allow him to work on another project before starting on Star Wars: Episode IX. But for what it is worth, I only heard his name for the second Anthology a few times as well, within the last week and that seems a bit beneath him after doing both Avengers films.

I have to say, I am not that excited about this possibility and maybe that’s why my enthusiasm for this remains so tempered. I like Whedon a lot but I don’t really love his movies. I feel it is pretty unlikely at this stage he is really a lock, but that’s just a hunch. Also, before some of you get too excited, remember this guy doesn’t really care for the ending to your knee-jerk answer for a favorite Star Wars film if it has the letters E, S, and B at the start of each word in the title.

When discussing the possibilities of doing Star Wars with Digital Spy he said he would not go backward and bring characters like Han Solo back, he would want to go forward:

Only time will tell if this rumor has legs or not so lets chalk this up to a rumor for now and see what happens! That is part of the fun, after all.

Thanks to Gavin Booth for the heads up!

Edit: The site that ran the bit was making a point about how things spread or something. I’m glad it makes the changes of Whedon doing Star Wars just a little smaller. But those rumors are still flying in reality, unfortunately.


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