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New Documentary Defending the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Needs Your Help!

As a Star Wars fan, one thing that gets really tiring is hearing people bash the Prequel Trilogy. It’s one thing to not like something, but the haters aren’t content having kicked the horse to death; they like to drag that corpse into any Star Wars interaction that they have. It’s beyond old, and to someone who actually enjoys the Prequels, it becomes borderline offensive. Sure, they aren’t perfect films, but what films are? There’s still a lot of entertainment value to be had in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, if one drops his cynicism.

If it isn’t clear, I like the Prequels, and as such, I enjoy blogs, articles, and podcasts that aim to strengthen those films’ defense against the haters. I happened upon another such project via Twitter last night and wanted to share it.

The Prequels Strike Back is a documentary that is currently crowdfunding via IndieGogo. It’s being produced by a group of filmmakers out of Austin, Texas with the aim of challenging the mantra “the Prequels suck.” They look to be employing Mike Klimo’s Star Wars Ring Theory, as well as talking to fans of the Prequels to get their perspectives (it’d be great if they could get some of the celebrity fans to appear in the documentary).

As of this writing, they’re at a little over $600 of their needed $3500 goal to produce the short documentary, with a $5000 stretch goal to turn it into a web series and a $7500 goal to turn it into a feature length documentary. Personally, I’d love to see a feature-length documentary defending the Prequels, so I’m without a doubt planning on donating before their campaign is up. But enough rambling from me. Take a look at their video and decide for yourself if you want to support it:


You can find the campaign for The Prequels Strike Back here.


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