Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Rebels Figures To Be Retail Exclusives & Possible Release Date

I mentioned last week that information came out during the E3 Expo that Zeb would be a Gamestop exclusive and that Sabine was likely to be a Target exclusive.  Neither of these were confirmed.  When I spoke with a Disney representative at E3, they said that they weren’t yet ready to announce the exclusives because they wanted to give their partners the chance to do that.  It makes sense.  Funko and Hasbro have said similar things about their retail exclusives.

Today, Infinity Inquirer release information on what will likely be the retail exclusives for Disney Infinity 3.0:


As you can see, it does in fact look like Sabine is a Target exclusive.  In addition, Ezra will be a TRU exclusive and Kanan will be at Walmart.  This rounds out the first wave of Rebels figures.

I also think that this might give us the answer to the frequent “where’s Hera?” question from many fans.  When toy companies partner with retailers, they often give that retailer the option to pick which characters they want.  Obviously, the retailers pick the characters that they feel will sell the best.  It’s very possible that Disney gave all of the retailers above a list of characters to pick and those were the ones selected.  Any that were not selected may have just been saved for the next wave.


Also, Infinity Inquirer also reports that the OT play set, “Rise Against the Empire,” will release on September 29th, and Boba Fett will see a general release on January 5th, 2016.  As “Rise Against the Empire” will be sold approximately one month after the initial Sony Playstation bundle, the starter set will likely be released at the end of August.

Can’t wait!


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