E3 Expo: Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Screen Shots, Concepts & Figures!

E3 Expo has come and gone and it was an amazing experience.  It was my first E3 ever and it didn’t disappoint.  Unfortunately, my time spent at the expo was limited, so I didn’t quite get the hours of game play that I think many attendees got.  Instead, I had a singular goal: covering Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars.  I think for the most part I achieved that goal (sort of).

As you might know, I’ve been covering Disney Infinity 3.0 extensively as soon as it was announced that Star Wars was coming to the game.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I’m not a hardcore gamer but I generally enjoy games.  The biggest hurdle for me however is that most of the next gen console games are far too advanced and frankly require far too much commitment from me.  I simply don’t have the time to sit there in front of my console gaming for hours upon hours to justify a game like Battlefront.  I need games that I can pick up easily and enjoy.
  2. I have a kid with whom I badly want to share my Star Wars passion.  Because of that, I find the scope of my fandom changing.  Whereas I used to really like dark and sometimes violent stories, I find myself appreciating the fun, light-hearted stories just as much (if not more).
  3. I love toys more than I love video games.  To me, Star Wars is as much a movie franchise as it is a toy franchise.  The two go hand-hand.
  4. I want to be able to share what I enjoy with my kid in a family friendly way.  That’s why I enjoy things like the Epic Yarns boardbooks, Funko, and Lego.

Disney Infinity checks all those boxes for me.  It’s easy, fun, light, and family friendly, but also has depth and details as well.

At E3 we finally got a first-hand look at Star Wars on Disney Infinity.  First, let me say that the booth was excellently set up.  It was wide open, easy to get around and full of game play stations.  There were numerous representatives available to answer questions and walk you through the game play.  On one day I literally spent 15-20 minutes playing the Toy Box with two Disney Infinity reps giving me their full attention and walking me through it (I was awful).

  • The game is fun and easy to pick up.  For advanced gamers, I think the game has a lot to offer once you spend time with it.  The Infinity representatives stated several times that the advantage of Ninja Theory working on the fight sequences is that it offers a substantial amount of depth and variety when you invest time.  For me, I was a masher and I still had plenty of fun.  For family gamers I think this is the perfect game.  You can do Star Wars mashups, Disney mashups, Marvel mashups… whatever you want.  It’s incredibly fun and the limits are really your imagination and your wallet.  Some general thoughts and information:
  • They decided to release the Prequels/Clone Wars play set, “Twilight of the Republic,” first because the prequel era has more Jedi and thus offers more options for fun lightsaber fighting. “Twilight of the Republic” is more about hand-to-hand combat whereas the OT play set, “Rise Against the Empire,” is more focused on vehicle battles.
  • I played with a variety of characters: Darth Maul, Ahsoka, Yoda, Luke, Leia, Han, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Kanan, and Sabine.  All were unique and fun in their own way.  I will say that the Jedi/Sith are WAY more fun to play with than the shooters (which is no surprise given the fact that Ninja Theory was brought in to explicitly create a fantastic sword-fighting engine, but I thought the difference was stark).  I love Leia, but frankly it got kinda boring just shooting people.  Characters like Kanan and Ezra are interesting because they offer both blaster fighting and lightsaber fighting.  The game developers stated that Sabine is really fun to play with, but I just didn’t feel that in my very limited experience.  Boba Fett, however, was an exception because of his variety of abilities, including flight, blasters and grappling hook.
  • I barely spent any time with the OT play set.  I’m sad.
  • Zeb will be a GameStop exclusive.  There are  unconfirmed rumors that Sabine might be a Target exclusive.  We have confirmed that other outlets will have exclusives but nothing official has yet been announced.
  • No real information on if/when Hera will be released, though I absolutely think that she will.

Just as important are the figures.  I love these figures.  At the booth they had concept art, models and of course the actual figures.  We took hi-res photos of the booth and display, but for now below is a gallery of pictures straight from my camera phone.

Further, today on Twitch Disney showed off the newly announced exclusive Boba Fett in game play.  Below are some screen shots and information shared:

  • Boba Fett, initially a Sony exclusive, will be available single packaged in January 2015.
  • Microsoft & Nintendo were offered exclusives too but declined.
  • Space battles are done done similar to Starfox.  You can do space battles in Toy Box.
  • Disney Infinity is having an active discussion with Lucasfilm about whether Vader should be allowed to run.  Currently he stomps around but can dash quickly.  Lucasfilm apparently believes that’s important to stay true to the character (I completely agree), but there seems to be some pushback from Disney in an effort to make sure Vader isn’t disadvantaged as a character in the game.
  • Lucasfilm rep told them that this is the best lightsaber combat game they’ve ever seen.
  • Several of the producers said that Sabine is really fun to play with.  They said that she is their favorite non-Jedi character.



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