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Minor Update: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Parent Trap.

SPOILERS – Do Not Read On if You Care About Being Spoiled!

The parent trap. It is a Star Wars thing. Well, it is a Star Wars thing for The Force Awakens. As a fandom, I think it is safe to say we have been more obsessed with finding out who the parents of Rey are than Darth Vader was with finding his own flesh and blood son in this fictional universe.

This week I made the rounds with some sources discussing the parentage of Rey.

We’ve discussed the loads of circumstantial evidence for Rey being a Solo in the past. We have sequences where she is drawn to the Falcon and knows how to repair it instinctually. Han passes her his blaster and she keeps it. She ends up the Captain of the Falcon with Chewbacca as her co-pilot by the end of the film. She exits the picture soon after a heartfelt goodbye with Leia. Most of all, she ends up with the Skywalker lightsaber by the end of the show.

But what if she isn’t related to Han Solo, Leia Organa, or Luke Skywalker?

That’s been the word with some sources this week. Most sources have felt it was hidden on set from them or it was really tightly guarded. It was an assumption Rey must be a Solo/Skywalker. But these sources quoted below are coming at this from a different angle and it is truly puzzling:

None of the heroes… the kids… are Solos or Skywalkers.

Then a source that was dead on about a lot of things including Jakku not being Tatooine said:

She’s not a Solo.

And finally:

It would not knock me on my knees to learn she is a Solo. VII does not answer that question. It just presents it.

This is what happens when I say I’m convinced Daisy Ridley is playing a Solo based on her own comments in Japan. I think the third comment is the most revealing, really. Either there is some trickery going on to obscure the lineage of the hero in this film or we just don’t learn the history of the character’s parents in her first appearance. We didn’t learn Luke Skywalker’s until his second film where he was the hero.

The only thing we’ve seen that really relates to Rey’s history is concept art showing her as a little girl, with a lot of other young alien creatures being, taught by Maz Kanata in a classroom-like setting. But the question still stands if that was a story point or from the imagination of the concept artist himself in that instance.

The story possibilities are interesting if it was to turn out that Rey and Kylo have no blood connection. It has been suggested to me that the interrogation sequence between Kylo and Rey has ramifications for the  sequel. The possibilities…

Finally a source near the recent scoring sessions would not say much but said:

We have not seen anything to make us think the girl is the daughter… yet.

I will still be surprised if it is left off the table in The Force Awakens looking at all the circumstantial links, but that’s the word this week. I don’t know what to think in some ways. If anything I think this could be a reminder that VII is about setting up plot threads more than finishing them. It is the first film in a trilogy and there might be some outliers and big “historical” story points saved for the follow-ups. I still wonder if Snoke is really explained in this movie or just the power in the abstract that he appears to be.



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