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Star Wars: The Force Awakens info on Gorwyn, Gliv, intelligence, and Super Weapons Part II.


Read at your own risk. Do not repeat these things in public forums like Twitter and ruin the movie for anyone on accident. 

Since we talked about Gorwyn a while ago, he often comes up in emails. Here’s a little elaboration on the pilot and the sequences he’s involved in.

In the Map Room, C-3PO and R2-D2 assist in a briefing on the attack on the First Order. During this sequence, Finn explains the First Order Fortress to the Resistance attackers so they can understand how to bring the evildoers down to their knees once and for all. Finn’s knowledge of the First Order runs deep and he also explains the “Catapult” to (which is The First Order’s ultimate weapon) to the Resistance. Finn’s intelligence is paramount to the Resistance being able to strike back against the First Order.

This is what inspires Leia to hatch her plan. Had Finn never defected and joined the Resistance the plan would have never been possible. It also seems as if the First Order Fortress and the “Catapult” are connected strategically. Interestingly, as Finn is telling the Resistance about the layout there is a scene “looking down into the heart of the Catapult” which makes me think it’s some sort of underground weapon drawing its power from beneath the snow planet.

This might explain early concept art of Han and Chewie going into large man-made technological holes in the ground. Another piece showing a giant sinkhole like Utapau from Revenge of the Sith but with waterfalls going into it. Those two pieces confused us and we considered them outliers, now I think that is what it was for. Another piece showed a Fortress on lava and was from the same sequences. The Fortress wasn’t finished but had giant banners showing an insignia on it, not unlike what we saw in the most recent teaser. So it seems that was the First Order Fortress, in a very early form.

While Finn is talking it cuts away. It basically shows the control room in the Fortress and how it functions. The catapult itself is a CG shot but the control room was shot on set, making it slightly confusing if they have video footage for the briefing or if the narrative just cuts to the locations being discussed? Either way, the Resistance knows what to do and Leia knows she wants to use her special weapon during the attack based on what Finn has provided.

It appears the sequence might be like the Admiral Ackbar/General Madine/Mon Mothma briefing sequence in Return of the Jedi. Poe is leading his squadron, Gorwyn his. Finn does most of the talking during the briefing. It appears Gorwyn may help as he’s introduced during this sequence and his introduction was notable for the production.

Gliv is a character that reports to Leia throughout the film and is part of her highnessness’ entourage. We also believe Gliv is likely in these briefing sequences as well.

During the battle, Gorwyn “copies Poe to lead his group” into the attack and Gorwyn heroically takes out a TIE fighter. It appears he survives the battle which is notable as not many pilots do as an array is fired which wipes out the vast majority of the First Order and Resistance ships in the air.

I speculate that Gorwyn will be the Wedge of this trilogy. He’s of equal rank to Poe but with the Resistance squadrons all but wiped out in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it would not surprise me if the two men end up flying together in the same squadron in the future sequels. In terms of X-wing pilot helmet decals, the few I’ve seen are either red or blue. I speculate Poe’s squadron wears red and Gorwyn’s pilots wear blue markings on their helmets.

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