Review: My Loungefly Star Wars Collection


I’ve now increased my Loungefly collection again and have a brand new review for you guys!

At we’re big on feeling like a community and you all know we aren’t afraid of sharing honest opinions so of all the products we’ve reviewed on Making Star Wars, I feel confident in saying these are my favorite hands down.

When I think of Loungefly the first word that comes to mind is quality. You’d think the amazing designs and unique products would stand out to me first, and boy is it hard to miss those gorgeous designs, but time and again I am amazed by the quality of these products.

I have the R2-D2 satchel, the C-3PO coin purse and now I’ve acquired the Darth Vader 3D Molded Nylon Backpack.

First off, the R2-D2 satchel is a fantastic design. I get complimented on the bag so much wherever I go and it’s almost always a conversation piece! The size of the bag itself is actually quite big. I’m able to carry all my essentials as well as diapers, wipes and a few other baby needs. The bag is lined nicely with a Star Wars print lining and has two pockets inside, one with a zipper and one without. The bag opens bowling bag style with two zips that meet at the top of the bag and going all the way down the sides allowing for lots of room to open the bag to get to your goodies. The colors on the bag are vibrant and clear and the design is easily recognizable as the galaxy’s favorite droid (for now ;P).

Click the image to purchase this bag!
Click the image to purchase this bag!
Here I am being silly with my Loungefly Artoo bag at Target.

I love my R2-D2 bag but my favorite piece I own from Loungefly is my C-3PO coin purse. If you know me, you know I’m a huge Threepio fan and this coin purse is beyond my wildest expectations! The coin purse has excellent construction with a solid feel and gorgeous embroidery. It has the signature Loungefly metal Star Wars logo and a big zipper. The best thing about this coin purse? It’s big! I use it as my wallet right now and it holds all my cards and cash. It’s great for someone like me who goes from purse to diaper bag and back constantly.

Click the image to purchase this coin purse!
Click the image to purchase this coin purse!


Finally the third piece I have for the moment is the Darth Vader 3D Molded Nylon Backpack. I’m absolutely in love with this backpack! We frequent Disneyland a lot and with a stroller and kids it’s easier for me to use a backpack in the park. The Darth Vader molded backpack from Loungefly is a great size. It’s holds A LOT of stuff without feeling heavy or being overly bulky. The sides fold easily into the back so when it’s not full it can be pushed down to be rather compact. It even fits into the relatively small basket under my stroller. I really like that the design is so eye catching and it holds a lot but it’s still small. I have a very small frame and frankly I can look kind of silly in a big backpack and this Loungefly bag fits me perfectly!

Click the image to purchase this backpack!
Click the image to purchase this backpack!
Here I am disembarking from the Disneyland tram with my Loungefly backpack on!


I hope you found this review helpful. I promise you ladies and gents will be happy with your purchases from Loungefly. Share your Loungefly collection with me on Twitter @RealAmandaWard!


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