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Star Wars Rebels: Season One Blu-ray Review!

The new Star Wars Rebels Blu-ray is hitting on September 1st. The two disc set includes all the episodes from Star Wars Rebels: Season One. The set includes all the Rebels Recon episodes we saw on YouTube, some Star Wars Celebration footage, the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, and a lot more. The first episode also includes the Darth Vader opening which was added a few weeks after the premiere episode.


I’m not going review the episodes again. You know I love them. I will say they look better than ever. The Blu-ray presentation is stellar. I can’t give you a great sound review as my amp is out, but the 2.0 mix is fine and sounds great. As a barebones set, it delivers. If you have never seen Star Wars Rebels Season One this is the best way to see it. If you have, you’re going to enjoy the quality jump from the cable broadcast version.

Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide – A Season One Recap, hosted by Kanan, is about 22 minutes long. This is probably a good feature to watch just before Season Two begins. The Star Wars Celebration footage was neat (I liked seeing Sal from the podcast and his family in costume as well as lots of other friends). It was neat to see a lot of friends and great moments from the Celebration. I’m not sure how much mass appeal this will have but it was cool to me.

The season two look-ahead is seven minutes long with some great commentary and explanations by Director Dave Filoni. This feature is essentially a four-minute documentary with three minutes of the trailers for season two and new footage.  We see some great Darth Vader concept art and the new Inquisitors all the way down to Sabine’s new hair. We get some teases about the backstory of Hera and her father, a mysterious new bounty hunter, the new B-wing. Zeb dealing with his past will also come up again in future episodes. We learn that season one’s Inquisitor was the Grand Inquisitor and now we’re seeing normal Inquisitors hunting our heroes in season two. I highly recommend watching this first if you have already seen season one of Rebels. They also tease Darth Vader being confronted by Ahsoka and show a brief montage of concept art (I noticed Rex from Star Tours!). It ends with the season two trailer. I really enjoyed this look ahead. I watched it twice in a row it was so good.

The set is well worth the price (about $32). The set is probably as good as it gets for the price point and the extras amount to a healthy viewing. It isn’t as nice as the Star Wars: The Clone Wars sets with the character model turntables and droves of concept art. But it is very good for a basic two-disc set. The video quality delivers and the it truly is the most enjoyable way to watch Star Wars Rebels. With Star Wars Rebels: Season Two about to air in about a month, I suggest picking up this set and enjoying season one all over again or for the first time during the ramp up to more Star Wars Rebels! 

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Note on my rating: I am giving this set an 8 out of 10 because I feel 10 is unobtainable and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars sets were a 9 which this is slightly lesser than.

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