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Star Wars’ Disney Infinity Wave 2 Review

The new Star Wars Disney Infinity sets have hit. Wave 2 is out, consisting of The Rise Against the Empire play set containing A New Hope Luke and Leia and the original trilogy levels of the game. Han Solo, the mighty Chewbacca, and Darth Vader were also released as stand-alone figures.

I have to be honest: the style of the figures for the Disney Infinity line really works well for me. For instance, I wouldn’t say the Luke Skywalker design captures Mark Hamill’s look, but it captures Luke Skywalker’s essence. For me, in a “toy” the essence part matters more than the life-like depiction of an actor we would expect in an expensive statue. I really enjoy the style of the figures and a lot of my friends that don’t play games are still buying these figures because they like them by themselves and I get it. The depictions of the characters here are as good as they were in the last wave.

As a game, Rise Against the Empire is just as good if not better than Twilight of the Republic which I really enjoyed. Rise Against the Empire retells the original trilogy of Star Wars films in a slightly different way where everyone is friends at the start of the story (Han, Chewie, and Luke are on Tantive IV at the start of the game for instance). The levels of the game are insanely fun. The game opens with space flight as you are in the escape pod dodging debris as you fall to Tatooine.

Tatooine as a stage is excellent. All of the monuments are there. Mos Eisley is fun to explore with lots of wires you can walk along and climb up. The Sarlacc and Jabba’s sail barge are also out in the desert. You’ll have a good time dropping, tossing, and punting Jawas into the pit all day. Echo Base on Hoth also offers a similarly in-depth gaming experience and if you like Ewoks you’re going to love the last part of the game.

I really like Princess Leia’s special move which sends Artoo in to beat everything up. I spent a lot of time leveling up that power as Artoo can charge and stun foes before blasting off into the sky when his ability is all used up. So far, Princess Leia is my favorite character out of all of the sets.

During game play on the Xbox One, I did experience a lock-up on Hoth that was frustrating. I also noticed that when ships take off from the planet to fly into the sky to enter space or cut scenes, it made my system chug. I don’t know if my Xbox One is having issues or if this is common. Hopefully an update will fix it. When my Darth Vader PS4 arrives, I plan to fire up Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0 games on it and see if the performance is different at all from the Xbox One. That said, I didn’t find these minor blemishes to be that big of a deal and I’m sure an update will solve the issue before too long anyhow.

As a parent, I really liked playing this game with my son. I have a very young son but he’s very technically inclined and understands interfaces really well. I let him run around on Tatooine and every time he saw an R2 unit he would run around it and have fun playing in the environment.

It is really weird to say but I really love Disney Infinity’s 3.0 Star Wars content and merchandise. I really didn’t think I was going to care. I expected to feel ambivalent about it but it is really fun, well-made, and works on a few different levels for me as a Star Wars fan. Even the extensive use of John Williams’ music is used in a fun way that sets the tone just right.

I recommend picking up this set, especially if you bought the last set or have a base to put the figures on to play the game with. The power discs and that content is also really fun if you’re a builder, but at this point I have not had a chance to delve too deep into that side of things yet. The levels I’ve played that were made by fans have been fun and mostly impressive.

More than anything I love that the Star Wars Infinity line encapsulates all of Star Wars. We have characters from both trilogies of films and the animated releases. This is how it should be.  Fans of certain eras or topics in Star Wars will find something that makes them happy or pleased. I’ve found the entire set so far to a delightful and interesting way to re-present Star Wars. 


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