How the Star Wars “Land” construction will affect Disneyland.

Inside the Magic has an article up on how the construction at Disneyland for the coming Star Wars-themed “land” will affect the park itself. I found the map they shared from the Los Angeles Times to be pretty informative:

It always kind of sucks to see something you loved have to go or get shut down. In this instance, most of the closures are temporary and I think Disneyland can live without a petting zoo and rib joint to get a whole land dedicated to Star Wars. As a pass holder to Disneyland and Star Wars fan, I’m looking forward to the changes. Even though a few things are going away, it’s exciting it is indeed happening.

I thought Disneyland’s Season of the Force was well done. The presentation was handled well. It wasn’t like they just stuck Star Wars logos on existing content. They added adventures to Star Tours and alternates to existing ride locations. Hyperspace Mountain is actually superior to Space Mountain. The Launch Bay was really well done (although I would have preferred screen-used props instead of replicas, still it was still impressive).

Head over to Inside the Magic for the full breakdown.

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